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Four moon gifSonnet (Paperback), ISBN: 0-671-77548-0
What a teacher!

What a predicament!

Book: Stef Ann Holm, HeartsSuspended from her teaching position at an all girl academy (for reading aloud from a book on human sexuality), Miss Truvy Valentine, a modern woman (for the year 1902) and far more innocent than she pretends, goes to visit a friend in Harmony, Mont. The friend's pregnancy prevents her husband from meeting Truvy, so he sends his good friend, Jake Brewster, owner of Bruiser's Gymnasium. Jake drinks beer, plays poker, and boxes (all things the author of the sexuality book says Truvy must avoid in a mate).

Of course neither of them is really looking for a mate.

Jake wants a dance teacher for his students -- his bodybuilding students. Jake knows the value of graceful movement in bodybuilding competitions. But should the long-legged, athletic Miss Valentine do the teaching? Truvy nurtures reservations of her own, but her position at the academy remains off-limits and her friend, who owns the dance studio, really needs help.

Book: Stef Ann Holm, HarmonyAdd to the mix the fact that every member of the entire Valentine family married on February 14 -- and Truvy finds herself facing mid-December without a suitor in sight. Maybe.

Truvy and Jake -- what a pair. Hearts -- what a fresh and delightful look at romance in winter. An award-winning author, Holm knows how to spin a tale. And this book keeps her reputation as a top-notch storyteller firmly in place.

If you want a warm and wonderful read, a romance between two very unlikely people and a human sexuality education (only a century out of date and funny), then grab this book as soon as it hits the stores. It will charm and delight you -- besides giving you several chuckles along the way. I enjoyed it completely.

Patricia Lucas White

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