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Spring Greening


Bet you never noticed we moved.

This old house -- Like the renovations on the 1894 Hirst House owned by Cyberider's Steve and Corby Ciccarelli, work on a Web site never stops. (Photo by Steve Ciccarelli)

In early February, Crescent Blues moved to Cyberider, home of the Web's best bicycling sites. Lest you think the juxtaposition of energetic physical activity and a late-rising, caffeine-hugging editorial staff too weird for words, let me add that Steve Ciccarelli, the man behind Cyberider, also writes romance. Assistant Editor Teri Smith and I met Steve at a January meeting of the Washington Romance Writers Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Talk about networking!

Genre connections aside, the move to Cyberider provides Crescent Blues with much needed room to grow and technical support like you wouldn't believe. Our address <www.crescentblues.com> won't change, and neither will our content. But thanks to Steve and his colleagues, in the months ahead you can expect to see streamlined operations and an attention to detail not previously possible.

February also marked a time of change and new growth in other areas of Crescent Blues operations. Long-time contributor Stephen John Smith took over as Webmaster. Many of you already know SJ from his entertaining reviews and interviews. Plus, if he gives us any problems, we'll sic' Teri on him. After all, he married her three times.

SJ and Teri met on the Internet. Another Internet friend, Theresa Miller also joined the editorial staff as chief researcher, publicist and editorial assistant -- more networking. Or should that be Networking?

The process never ends. In a way, a Web site like Crescent Blues resembles the turreted Victorian house Steve and his wife Corby bought to restore. You build what you believe to be a great structure. You raise the walls, set in the windows and lay the shingles on the roof. But you never really finish. There's always one more thing you need to do.

And like Steve and Corby, we wouldn't want it any other way.

Happy spring!

Jean Marie Ward

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