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Picture a corridor with doors opening on either side that stretches beyond infinity, and you begin to conceive of a pale imitation of the Continuum. Notice that some of the doors are walled off, separating whatever lies beyond the door from the rest of the Continuum, leaving that unknown place either dead or dying. Each door opens to a world and when, for whatever reason, the world begins to close itself off from the Continuum, a Sealing Team goes out and tries to stop the world from destroying itself.

Book: Joey W. Hill, Guardian of the ContinuumEarth finds itself in dire straits. The web of evil magic that infects the Earth snares the Sealing Team sent to rescue the planet. The team loses two of its members down to the last memory of their existence. Adam Al-Aziz, the Guardian, comes to discover what happened to them and to help salvage the Earth. Bound by Continuum rules requiring them to use the strictures and practices of a religion currently in place in the target world, the Team chooses Wicca for its Earth operations, because Wicca allows the use of magic.

Masquerading as a college student, Adam knows little of Earth -- and he certainly didn't intend to fall in love with Correen, an inhabitant of the planet he proposes to save. Adam's roommate, Rob, never expected to help save the Earth, especially in the company of such a being as Adam. The terrified Correen returns Adam's love, but she can't deal with the knowledge that the fate of the world may depend on the healing of her own soul.

A big book in more ways than one, The Guardian of the Continuum won the Dream Realms Award for Fantasy, and was a finalist for the Fantasy Eppie and P.E.A.R.L Awards. Sweeping in scope, fascinating in subject, the book should be a permanent resident on every fantasy lover's hard drive or ebook reader.

Diverse and complex, with a multi-layered plot, well-defined character, and action piled on action, The Guardian of the Continuum deserves every accolade it receives now and in the future. There will be many, I'm sure, both for this book and for this outstanding author.

Patricia Lucas White

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Reader's Respond

I agree completely with everything Patricia Lucas White has to say about this book. Joey Hill has created a masterpiece with Guardian of the Continuum...physically it's a big book. The only problem with that is once I started it I couldn't bear to put it down. NOTHING got done in the Moore household until I finally turned my Rocket off -- even then I wished the story hadn't ended. I do hope Ms. Hill is working on a sequel. All of her many characters are so well drawn, I know I won't relax until I learn the fate of each and every one of them.

Kate Moore w/a Kate Douglas
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