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Image: Three moon gifOnyx Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-451-40966-4
In her latest book, Graham weaves an incredible tale of soap opera passion, lust, betrayal, lovers united, and death. But I must confess that as mesmerizing as Dying to Have Her is, I felt like I tuned into the middle of a story line. On several occasions, Graham's references made no sense until I Book: Heather Graham, Dying to Have Herdiscovered Dying to Have Her is the second book in the Valentine Valley series. Then and only then could I ignore what I didn't "get" and keep on reading -- and enjoying.

Valentine Valley, the most popular soap in the nation, needs to replace an actress on maternity leave. The replacement dies in what might be an accident, but the circumstances cause show officials to shake their heads. They suspect a different target -- Serena McCormack -- and hire Liam Murphy, P.I., to guard her. Unfortunately, Liam and Serena once shared an intense relationship, and he walked out on her. But when the "accident" becomes murder, Serena's preferences become irrelevant. Someone needs to protect her.

Book: heather Graham, Long, Lean and LethalA romantic suspense about a soap opera with an almost soap opera-ish plot, the narrative of Dying to Have Her twists and turns. It gives us a full quotient of "beautiful people," but goes beyond the obvious, depicting the inner workings of a world usually invisible behind the smoke and mirrors of the camera's lens.

The glamorous setting, likable characters and believable plot all add up to an interesting read -- one that lacks nothing in the action or suspense departments. So, if you seek a book that sizzles, surprises and leaves you breathless, grab Dying to Have Her and start reading. I sincerely doubt that you will be disappointed -- especially if you have read the first book in the Valentine Valley series, Long, Lean and Lethal.

Patricia Lucas White

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