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Image: four moon gif Ballantine Books (Paperback) ISBN 0-449-00634-4
Angel Falls warms the heart with a poignant tale about the strength of a family's love in the face of adversity. Bret Campbell witnesses the devastating accident that plunges his mother, Book: Kristin Hannah Angel FallsMikaela, into a coma from which she may never awaken. Liam, her husband, carries on as the single parent of their two children. He struggles with the possibility of losing Mike (as he calls her) forever.

Determined to do all that he possibly can, LIam visits her bedside daily to play Mike's favorite music, reminisce about their life and speak to her soul. The thought of losing her tears at his confidence, and he courageously takes on the overwhelming task of pulling his wife out of her deep sleep.

By chance Liam discovers documents and photographs revealing Mike's first marriage -- a secret she never shared with Liam. Liam confesses his feelings of betrayal, wondering if the happiness and love that he treasured were ever sufficient. How could Liam compete with the likes of Julian True, a successful actor and first husband to his wife?

As if life could not be any crueler, Liam suffers another blow. Despite his best efforts to rouse his wife with their shared memories, only Julian's name elicits a response. Liam pushes aside his torment to make the ultimate sacrifice. He asks Julian to come to the hospital and talk to Mike, share their memories, their dreams in hopes that she will awaken.

Book: Kristin Hannah The EnchantmentLiam wishes with all his heart that his wife will open her eyes, healed and ready to return to the family that loves her. But he can't dismiss the unfinished matters of the heart between Mike and Julian. Liam can only wait and hope.

Kudos to Kristin Hannah for delivering another memorable story. Hannah captures a family's pain and suffering through the eyes of each family member. From the very first chapter, she hooks her reader and tweaks their emotions until they join the family on the printed page, laughing when they laugh, crying when they cry and loving when they love. Synonymous with a well-crafted novel, Hannah's name guarantees an intriguing page-turner.

Michelle Monkou

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