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Voices in the Sand

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Four moon gifSilver Dagger Press (Trade Paper), ISBN: 1570721416
Alone at her aunt's South Carolina's beach house, enjoying her time off and a little solitude, Sydney Teague finds herself in the middle of a 30-year-old tangle of murder, intrigue and evil. After fishing -- and avoiding the attentions of a couple of drunken rednecks -- one evening, Sydney sees a dead man lying on the shuffleboard court.

Book: Anne Underwood Grand, Voices in the SandBy the time the police arrive, the body vanishes. The policy chalk the incident up to a beach drunk who walked away, but Sydney knows better. After all, she saw the body up close. The next morning, while lying on the beach, the wind creates a sound tunnel allowing her to overhear a far-away conversation about the dead man and talk about dumping the body. Never one to back down, Sydney begins to poke around, putting herself in great danger as the true nature of the plot begins to unravel.

Kudos to Silver Dagger Press for bringing back Sydney Teague! The first three Sydney Teague books showed readers Grant's talent and ability. Voices in the Sand confirms that a good author never stales and only improves with each book.

Book: Anne Underwood Grant, Smoke ScreenEvocative prose and precise dialogue puts the reader in Sydney's shoes, creating a mood none too easily broken. From the way Sydney explores her feelings about her childhood hangouts to her stubborn determination to uncover the truth, Grant showcases her gift as a writer by developing this fascinating character -- an amateur sleuth far removed from Miss Marple. A complex protagonist, Sydney's attitude has also evolved. She no longer obsesses about her addictions and hang-ups, reflecting the more adult viewpoint of a strong woman determined to succeed.

With Voices in the Sand, Grant presents a great character in a well-written book. Make sure you carve out time to read it, because you won't want to put this down until you turn the last page!

Maria Y. Lima

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