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Unbreakable: Figure on Figuring a Lot

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PG 13; two and one half moon
David Dunn (Bruce Willis) can't imagine himself a hero in this dark drama of soulful sadness. His life totters on the brink of disaster. His job as security guard at the football stadium becomes tentative at best, and his marriage starts sliding down the tube faster than a kid at a water park. But he does have two things going for him: a son that idolizes his father and a brooding personality.

Mix all these unlikely ingredients together, throw in a few dramatic pauses, and stir occasionally with odd camera angles. Now, while this pot brews, splash in a mysterious comic-book collector (Samuel L. Jackson) with weird ideas of historical progression, sprinkle liberally with hints of untrained psychic ability, and what do you get? A Bruce Willis movie that makes you think.

For instance, I needed to figure out for myself why David faked an injury during the auto accident and dropped off the college football team. I needed to figure out for myself why he was the only survivor of a disastrous train wreck. And I needed to figure out for myself how to get from the stadium seats to the bathroom in the lobby. By the time the movie ended, I was so exhausted from all that figuring, that wonderful surprise ending didn't surprise me very much.

However, Brucy Baby did a good job, Samuel L. Jackson came across OK as the eccentric comic-book collector, and Robin Wright Penn hit the target with her performance. But Spencer Treat Clark really impressed me. He plays the son who learns that it is not good table manners to pull a loaded gun on your father, even if you think he is some kind of Super Hero. I give it a C+.

Dixie says: I like my movies like I like my men: hard to keep up with, hard to understand and a little hairy around the edges. Don't go see this movie if you skipped your good night's sleep. I made that mistake and dozed a little during the slow scene. While no Sixth Sense, it's a good movie -- maybe a bit strange and hard to follow, but definitely hairy around the edges. I give it a strong C.

Don and Dixie Mitchell

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