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Three moon gifAce Fantasy (Paperback), ISBN 0-441-00788-0
A beautifully written, definitely engaging book by a talented author, Scion's Lady would merit a higher rating if it could stand entirely on its own. But this sequel to Bradley's Lady in Gil depends on the reader's knowledge of Lady in Gil to give meaning to several things. Despite this, readers like me who missed the earlier book will find themselves hunting out Lady in Gil, because it must be a winner too.

Book: Rebecca Brandley, Scion's LadySix years after he destroyed the Sherkin Empire using the magical artifact known as the Lady in Gil, Tig wants nothing more than to continue his researches into the archives of his homeland. Unfortunately for Tig, his brother, the new Priest-King, arranges a marriage for Tig that will take the scholar far from his beloved scrolls. Tig protests, but his brother's fledgling dynasty needs the alliance, and Tig soon finds himself married to a princess who makes up in ambition and amorality what she lacks in brains.

Things heat up as soon as the not-so-happy couple set sail on their honeymoon, and the dangers quickly escalate to the point where they threaten Tig's very existence. Despite Tig's best efforts at secrecy, several powerful people know the truth behind the events leading to the end of the Sherkin Empire. They also know that the Lady in Gil still lives, and they intend to use that knowledge and Tig to conquer the world.

Book: Rebecca Bradley, Lady in GilMasterfully plotted, the book moves rapidly, twisting and turning, and keeps the reader's interest at a high level. Likable and believable if not much of a hero in the usual sense, Tig deserves the empathy the character generates -- especially after the Lady starts using him for her own agenda. Also Bradley demonstrates considerable skill in world building -- and destroying. A fantasy worth buying and reading, Scion's Lady adds Rebecca Bradley to my Watch-For-Releases List right along with Robin Hobb and Patricia Wrede.

Patricia Lucas White

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