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Four moon gifClocktower Books (Ebook), ISBN 0-7433-0040-8
Superb characterization, a nicely constructed mystery, a logical plot and a believable love story work together to provide an intriguing and extremely satisfying read. The emotions portrayed when the protagonist, Claire Jenson, hears from the police that person or persons unknown murdered her younger daughter brought an ache to my throat.

The widowed mother of two grown daughters, Claire resides in her Lansberry, Ill., family home with her older daughter. Her younger daughter moved to Chicago and lost her life to a murderer. Determined to bring the killer to justice, Claire becomes involved in the case over the objections of Detective Sergeant Martin Slade, a widower fully aware that he "isn't getting any younger." Battling a complete lack of suspects and clues, the police continue to search for something, anything that will hint at the perpetrator.

Claire boots up her younger daughter's computer and begins investigating on- and off-line. The chat room Romeos and sexual predators who stalked her daughter leave tracks even a grieving mother can follow -- especially one aided by a wise detective. However, those clues also lead to deadly danger -- the murderer knows where Claire lives and acts on the knowledge. But the chief of the local police force remains unconvinced of Claire's peril. He thinks Claire only needs the kind of help found in a tranquilizer bottle -- or perhaps a stay in the mental ward.

Murder Online baffles, puzzles and leads the reader on a merry chase, one that never fails to keep the pages turning at a rapid pace. (Actually I read it on my Rocket eBook Reader[r] and told my scrolling finger it was getting in shape for a marathon.)

Incidentally, the same publisher will release Murder Online as a paperback in January. This qualifies as good news for those readers not yet fans of ebooks.

Patricia Lucas White

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