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Four moon gifAlpha Books (Trade Paperback), ISBN 0-02-863944-8
OK, I confess: I'm the idiot for whom Mr. Press wrote this guide. Or maybe just one of the idiots, because I think everyone with even the faintest dream of becoming a rich and famous screenwriter should rush to the nearest Book: Skip Press, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwritingbookstore, grab this book, read it from cover to cover, follow the advice, start writing -- and remember the value of rewriting.

An incredible book that answers questions I didn't know enough about the craft to ask, the guide not only addresses the top 10 mistakes beginning screenwriters make, it tells the writer how to correct them (and does it with a readable and entertaining informal approach). For example, where else could you discover that a script must be three-hole punched but must fastened with only two brads? Press also includes other resources: books and URLs for those seeking additional information on markets and who is selling what to whom.

Book: Skip Press, Writer's Guide to Hollywood Producers...So, why should the reader/potential screenwriter listen to and heed the advice the author gives in such appealing fashion? Well, Press's imposing credentials as a screenwriter, author and general man about Hollywood should impress anyone with his knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the movie business. Press wrote many produced movie scripts, and those interested in screenwriting consider his Writers' Guide to Producers, Directors & Screenwriting Agents one of the best references around. (Yes, it holds a place of honor on my keeper shelf and will be upgraded when the new edition comes out in 2001.)

If nothing else, you will learn how to write a log line and be able to describe your script in 25 words or less. Can I do it? Not yet, but if I write a script, I will certainly be able to write the log line.

Thank you, Mr. Press, for introducing me to a new and exciting world. I look forward to learning a new skill.

Patricia Lucas White

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