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New iconMarilyn Meredith: Deadly Omen
New iconJane Isenberg: Mood Swings To Murder
New iconJill Churchill: Mulch Ado About Nothing
New iconConrad Allen: Murder on the Mauretania
New iconHugh Merrill: The Red Hot Typewriter -- The Life and Times of John D. MacDonald
William Gibson: All Tomorrow's Parties
Piers Anthony: The Dastard
M. M. Kaye: Death in Kashmir
Nancy Holder: Invasions (Gambler's Star 3)
Lawrence Watt-Evans: Night of Madness
Kay Allenbaugh: Chocolate for a Woman's Blessings
Skip Press: The Complete Idiot's
Guide to Screenwriting

Stella Cameron: Finding Ian (reviewed by Doris Valliant)
James D. Doss: Grandmother Spider
Dar Tomlinson: Broken
Joan Bramsch: Chilled Run
Staci Layne Wilson: The Dance
Rebecca Bradley: Scion's Lady
Martin H Greenberg & John Helfers (editors): Warrior Fantastic
Irene Radford: The Wizard's Treasure
Dee Davis: After Twilight
Stella Cameron: Finding Ian (reviewed by Patricia Lucas White)
Susan Wittig Albert: Mistletoe Man
Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon: Owlknight
Carlene Thompson: Don't Close Your Eyes
Gillian Horvath (Editor): An Evening at Joe's (Highlander: The Series)
Karen Duvall: Project Resurrection
Dar Tomlinson: A Risk of Rain
Lauren Haney: A Curse of Silence
Lorie Ham: Murder in Four Part Harmony
Allison Lane: The Notorious Widow
Anne Underwood Grant: Voices in the Sand
Christopher Stasheff: A Wizard in the Way
Phillip B. Kunhardt Jr, Phillip B. Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt: The American President
Catherine Coulter: Beyond Eden
Marguerite Krause: Blind Vision
Jack McDevitt: Deepsix
Beth Anderson: Murder Online
Sandra Downs: Shaping the Earth: Erosion
Jayne Ann Krentz: Soft Focus
Michael Swanwick: Tales of Old Earth
Agatha Christie's The Unexpected Guest (Novelization by Charles Osborne)

Second Looks

New iconMarlis Day: Why Johnny Died

Movie Views

Cast Away
Miss Congeniality

Michael Moorcock Earlene Fowler
Michael Moorcock (l), Earlene Fowler

Blue diamond iconMichael Moorcock: Populist Intellectual
Blue diamond iconEarlene Fowler: Down-home Murder
Blue diamond iconJill Barnett: Humor from the Heart
Blue diamond iconGala Endings and Beginnings
Blue diamond iconFantasy Art Provides Holiday Escape
Blue diamond iconDungeons & Dragons: All Corey Solomon Wants for Christmas is a Mega Hit
Blue diamond iconBill Fawcett: Admitting to Influence
Blue diamond iconNene Thomas and Ruth Thompson: Partners in Paint
Blue diamond iconEditorial: Turn and Face the Strange…