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Four moon gifKensington Books (Hardcover), ISBN 1-57566-713-4
Once again, Stella Cameron exhibits her depth and vision as a writer by stepping into new territory and giving her readers a mainstream book that bodes well for the future reading pleasure of her fans (me included). Finding Ian displays her remarkable talent and the far-reaching scope of her imagination in an emotionally touching tale of a man in search of his son -- the son he gave away as an infant 13 years before in the grief-filled time after his beloved wife died.

Book: Stella Cameraon, Finding IanSuccessful and wealthy businessman Byron Frazer discovers that the boy he thought safe and content in the midst of a loving family faces new challenges and adjustments. At the death of the boy's adoptive parents and according to their wishes, the boy is sent to Cornwall, England to live with relatives. Acting on an impulse that he can't explain, Bryon goes to Cornwall to find his son Ian and perhaps confront his own past, and the love and pain he continues to deny. What Byron finds there changes his whole life, his outlook, and his ability to find new love.

Book: Stella Cameron, Key WestNot a romance by standard definitions, Finding Ian portrays love in all of its many permutations -- and does it exceedingly well. Ian and Bryon meet as strangers, but can they go beyond that, forge a new and meaningful relationship after all the hurt and pain of the past? Also, can Bryon allow himself to love again and build a new family? Cameron delves into the very souls of her characters. She shows the reader the anguish and the need each of them harbors and allows us to walk with them on their journey into an unknowable and frightening future.

My honest reaction to Finding Ian: I love it and don't mind telling the world that in my considered opinion it ranks as Cameron's best work to date.

Patricia Lucas White

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