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Making Time for the Holidays


Yoo hoo, everybody, I finally figured out what I want Santa to bring me this year!

Crescent Blues staff and freelance contributors scatter like a flock of sparrows under the shadow of a hawk...including the editor's husband, who scans hard copy photos for the 'zine.

It doesn't cost any money.

Contributors and staff continue to hold their collective breath.

It won't involve selling any additional rights.

The piles of crumbling leaves ringing the patio rustle with the movement of hidden bodies creeping, ever so carefully, closer. A sudden intake of breath and muffled snort signal a sneeze ruthlessly suppressed.

I want more time.


Hey, it's the holidays, and I just figured that if I work my day job, do my duty by CB, write cards, wrap presents, attend parties, visit parents AND try to write a little fiction, I'll need to give up sleeping. Maybe permanently. And I'll be too fried to enjoy the things I both want and need to do.

Grunts and mutters of what might be agreement filter through the groundcover.

It doesn't even need to be a lot of time. A 28-hour day should do it. That way I could guarantee myself eight hours of sleep and stand a fighting chance of doing what needs to be done.

The level of murmured conversation rises.

Maybe I could find the time to bake again. I used to make great pistachio-cranberry biscotti. And my cinnamon apple pie....

The air hums. The husband's stomach grumbles in longing.

Yeah, 20 hours of work time would be about perfect. Just think of all I could get done. All the stories I could edit. All the assignments I could help you pursue…

Squeals of terror ranging over several octaves drown out the editor's words. Brown leaves cloud the air as staff and contributors race for the hills or the nearest cyber-highway.

Don't laugh. They almost bought it -- big improvement over last year. Yessirree, they're weakening. I can tell. If I can manage to be just a little sneakier, they'll be completely in my power by this time next year.

Well, every girl needs a dream for the holidays.

All of us at Crescent Blues wish you and yours the very best of the holiday season and lots of time you need to really enjoy it. Happy holidays!.

Jean Marie Ward

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