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Four moon gifGenesis Press (Trade Paper, ISBN 1-58571-002-4
I'm afraid my vocabulary lacks enough superlatives to adequately describe this book, let alone give it the high praise it deserves. Shall I tell you it won the Hemingway First Novel Award? Will that be enough to attest to the quality? Perhaps, but I must add more, try to tell you what it is or isn't.

Book: Dar Tomlinson, BrokenI can't honestly call it a romance -- unless romance includes lust, obsession, and the destruction of a man's life, honor and perhaps his soul. This book qualifies as a mainstream novel -- a mainstream novel that delves into the dark side of passion and does so incredibly well.

A married man who loves his family and his job, Zac Abriendo fishes for shrimp with his father during the day and goes to a community college at night. That changes radically when a rich and beautiful Anglo, Carron Fitzpatrick, comes to the docks to buy shrimp for one of her famous parties.

Can there be such a thing as "lust at first sight?"

Book: Dar Tomlinson, Designer PassionRich, spoiled and Zac's opposite in every way, Carron gets what Carron wants -- always. It doesn't take a crystal ball to know Carron wants Zac and intends to know him. She seduces him. Zac falls hard, participating willingly in a torrid affair that can only consume him and destroy all he ever hopes to be.

Superb characterization, details to add authenticity and excellent writing skills make Broken an outstanding book, one that adds new insights into the human condition. If I had my way, it would be in every library in the world, and might even be required reading in literature classes in colleges and universities.

Yes, I found Broken that good -- a classic in the making. No wonder critics acclaim Tomlinson's writing. She certainly deserves the praise.

Patricia Lucas White

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