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Four moon gifBallantine (Paperback), ISBN: 0-8041-1966-X
Kacy MacGrath objects to her husband using her as a sexual object and treating her as less than human. They quarrel. Furious at her, he runs out the door and toward his boat. She follows and sees him die in the embrace of a storm-driven wave. She blames herself for his death.

Book: Dee Davis, After TwilightNow the memories plague Kacy, but new dangers threaten her life. To escape both, Kacy moves to her late grandmother's cottage in County Clare, Ireland, lives on the small trust fund left to her by a father who refused to acknowledge her existence, and pursues her art.

The art puts Braedon Roche on her trail. Braedon believes she forged the paintings her husband sold through his gallery. But Braedon's vision of a conniving forger begins unraveling the moment he meets her and witnesses the accidents plaguing both Kacy and her dog -- incidents that include hit-and-run (Kacy) and poisoning (her dog). Despite his lingering suspicions, Braedon begins to care for Kacy, possibly even to love her. He wants to protect her, but can he discover in time the villain who targeted her for death?

I've never visited Ireland, but the author imbued the work with such a sense of place that I could almost see the misty greens, the ruins and Kacy's cottage. Swooping and looping like some wild ride, the plot made me wish I could read and/or turn the pages faster -- talk about excitement personified!

The characters, flawed, imperfect and needy, stay in character from beginning to end, growing and changing with each new development. Suspenseful and romantic, After Twilight brings to mind Mary Stewart's novels -- with a strong dose of murder. The eerie happenings, the mysterious characters half seen in the fog, secrets within secrets and the pervading sense of danger all add up to an exciting and satisfying read.

Patricia Lucas White

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