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Four moon gifPenguin Putnam (Hardcover), ISBN 0525944699)
Detective Sergeant April Woo returns to investigate a case that both puzzles and chills even the most seasoned police officer.

Book: Leslie Glass, TrackingTimeInitially, April explores the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a young psychiatrist in Central Park mostly as a favor to her favorite shrink (Dr. Jason Frank, an advisor to the missing psychiatrist). But soon April finds herself intrigued by the unusual nature of the situation.

Neither money nor jealousy -- not even revenge or hatred -- appear to motivate the unknown perpetrator. Clues remain few and far between. Even the trained police canine unit fails to uncover anything but the murdered body of the only known witness to the supposed abduction. As the investigation unfolds, April begins to realize that the many layers of this crime can only mean that the pieces fit into a much larger and more horrifying puzzle than she originally imagined.

Book: Leslie Glass, Hanging TimeTime and again, Leslie Glass demonstrates that her six April Woo novels belong on the top shelf. Creating a smart, no-nonsense Chinese female cop in Manhattan, Glass proves over and over that the words female and cop can belong together. Tracking Time offers gripping suspense and drama offset by the often-humorous relationship between April and "Skinny Dragon" (April's traditional Chinese mother), and April's sensuous, romantic and often anxiety-filled liaison with fellow homicide detective Mike Sanchez.

Creating conflict, humor and tension -- often on the same page -- Leslie Glass delivers another riveting novel, guaranteed to hook readers and keep them reading into the wee hours of the night. From the stellar beginning of this series in Burning Time, Glass shares the growth and development of April Woo -- from an almost-shy police officer to the strong, confident and fascinating detective sergeant in Tracking Time -- while writing a mesmerizing suspense tale sure to please any fan of mystery fiction.

Maria Y. Lima

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