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(Book IV of the Shadow Dweller Series)

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Four moon gifDreams Unlimited (Ebook), ISBN 1-892520-39-76
J.C. Wilder never ceases to amaze, delight, and entertain me. Redemption only reinforces the spell she casts over innocent readers, turning them into rabid fans who relentlessly demand the next installment of the Shadow Dweller series post haste.

This innovative, original series combines real love, virulent hate, dangerous anger, hot sex, ultimate betrayal, creatures of shadows and night and several other diverse elements in ways that only a skilled author can imagine. Wilder molds this material into well fleshed-out, flawed but very believable characters. She shows us the interaction among vampires, shape-shifters and now witches (or at least one very powerful witch), and makes it not only seem possible but probable.

Wilder mixes her plots with a lavish dash of spice, page-turning action and twists not even a contortionist can duplicate. The shadow culture with all its intrigues, power plays and real world settings blends the familiar with the unknown and unknowable and renders it a delectable concoction for the lover of paranormal romance and high adventure.

Those new to the Shadow Dweller series who insist on reading from the first book forward may want to skip the slim plot teaser that follows, because it contains spoilers for earlier books in the series. But if you choose to keep on reading, rest assured the book stands alone.

Conar MacNaughten interfered in the winter solstice and rendered the vampire Mikhail almost impotent. Determined to regain his former power, Mikhail orders Gabrielle Des Noir to contact the witch, Mortianna, and get the spell he needs. But Mortianna, with her minions (demons) ringed around her, mourns the loss of her daughter Bliss and wants revenge on Sinjin, the vampire she blames for Bliss' passing. Quinn, the son Mortianna refuses to acknowledge, grieves as well, but he understands the truth and wants only to protect Maeve and her friends (mostly vampires) from his mother's magical wrath. But saving vampires from witches can be dangerous to one's health -- especially when a very powerful spell holds one of the vampires in thrall.

So, grab it while you can, read it with all the lights on and the doors locked -- and it wouldn't hurt to have a lot of salt and a sword handy. Then join me in trying to encourage J.C. Wilder to write faster. The shadows creep closer, and I need to know what dwells within.

Patricia Lucas White

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