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Four moon gifAvon (Paperback), ISBN 0380812045
Delphi, S.D., doesn't necessarily qualify as God's own corner of the world. But even so, the celebration on New Year's Eve could mean a new direction for the inhabitants of this tiny town.

Book: Kathleen Taylor, Cold FrontTory Bauer, Delphi Café waitress and new co-owner, faces the outing of one of her biggest secrets -- and the shame that will result when the secret becomes public knowledge. Determined to have a good time anyway, Tory prepares to ring in the New Year in her inimitable way. But blizzard conditions, missing teenagers and the dead body of a newcomer make this New Year's celebration one that no one in Delphi will soon forget.

Delphi, S.D., is all about relationships, and Cold Front provides the microscope by which we, the readers, can observe them. Cold Front makes us privy to the relationships of Tory and Del, Tory's roommate and erstwhile friend; of Del and the handsome stranger, Ian O'Hara (whose untimely death rings in the new year); of Tory and Alanna, the other café owner. The book pulls us into the ever-shifting, yet familiar patterns of love, lies, hate, lust, greed and envy that drive the inhabitants of any city or town.

Book: Kathleen Taylor, Funeral FoodKathleen Taylor skillfully and clearly delineates the complex, confusing, yet oh-so-familiar behaviors of humanity in this microcosm called Delphi. Wrapped in a delicious mystery, the lives of the Delphians echo the lives of its readers, (sans murder, we hope). As Taylor so succinctly describes, "Whether you're in a luxury hotel in the upper reaches of the Colorado Rockies, or stuck in a one-horse town in the middle of the Great Flat Empty, no good can come from long periods in a severely restricted social circle."

From lovers' infidelity to the angst of teenage hormones, and the ever-changing and complex nature of human animal and its place in society, Cold Front brings the now well-loved characters of this small town back to the forefront. And it proves once again the measure of Kathleen Taylor's talent. A good author takes the reader into her world and makes the reader care about what happens to the characters. A great author takes you one step further and allows you to feel the weather, see the buildings, the narrow alleys, the broken-down pickup. A great author shows you the coming blizzard and makes you shiver with the incipient cold, even if your ambient room temperature remains a balmy 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this popular series -- and even more so in Cold Front -- Kathleen Taylor creates a world that envelopes the reader with its entirety. You emerge reluctantly, and only when you turned the final page with a sigh, wondering when the next "fix" will arrive. Drug addicts never had it so hard. This is a "do not miss" mystery -- even for those whose normal fare runs to the harder-boiled end of the mystery spectrum. Edgy, strong, and characterized by fabulous writing, Cold Front will get you in the mood for murder Delphi-style.


Maria Y. Lima

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