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Three moon gifMira Books (Paperback), ISBN 1-55166-630-8
Jennifer Blake, author of more than 38 historical and contemporary novels, knows how to tell a story. And she doesn't disappoint faithful readers in her latest contemporary romance, Roan. This book, the third in a series about the Benedict gentlemen from Louisiana, features yet another strong, virile, ethical, hardworking, sensual, handsome, stubborn and aggravating man.

Book: Jennifer Blake, RoanRoan Benedict, native son and sheriff of Turn-Coupe, La., meets Victoria (Tory) Molina-Vandergraff while attempting to shoot her. The relationship, although rocky, improves from that point until Roan seldom feels the need to fill her with lead. Tory does not immediately fall for the handsome sheriff's charms. (Looking down his gun barrel proves rather off-putting.) But Roan and his family grow on her. It doesn't take Roan long to realize he doesn't just want to protect this mysterious woman, he wants to keep her by his side forever.

But Tory pretends she doesn't remember her identity. On the other hand, she insists on her innocence with respect to the convenience store robbery that served as her introduction to Roan. Is Tory a victim or victimizer? A common thief or jet-setting heiress? And regardless of which, how can her lifestyle and values and expectations meld with those of an honest-to-the-bone gentleman like Sheriff Benedict?

As you would expect, love wins out, all questions get answered. But not before Roan and Tory discover their strengths and their commitment, and undergo changes that make them better people.

Book: Jennifer Blake, LukeBlake doesn't throw in gratuitous sex scenes. OK, maybe one or two. But overall she carefully crafts a relationship based on more than hormones. The quirky Benedict family, descendants of pirates, possesses gorgeous genes and compassionate hearts. They welcome love into their midst -- and the woman who captures Roan's heart. The family knows Roan loves Tory long before he does, yet they patiently protect him until he discovers the depth of his emotions. For added enjoyment, Blake unfolds an enchanting friendship between Tory and Roan's motherless son, Jake. It adds another dimension to these multi-faceted characters.

Book: Jennifer Blade, KaneNot only that, latecomers to the series will meet two more hunky Benedict men, Roan's cousins Luke and Kane. Chances are those same readers will promptly run to their nearest bookstore to buy their books, Kane and Luke, the first two novels in Blake's Louisiana Gentlemen.

Jennifer Blake continues to create exotic settings and erotic characters, a perfect twosome for steamy romances. She definitely knows her craft and delivers what she promises: romance served with hot spicy Louisiana lovin'.

Dawn Goldsmith

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