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Three moon gifOnyx Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-451-40915-9
Long, Lean, and Lethal should appeal to Alfred Hitchcock fans, especially Psycho admirers. The famous shower scene threads throughout the story as do other strands of old Hitchcock movies. In this romantic suspense novel, murder intrudes on the glittering world of Hollywood. Soap star Jennifer Connolly feels the prickle of an unwanted watcher's gaze on the back of her neck. Could it be a stalker?  

Book: Heather Graham, Long Lean and LethalAlthough Jennifer lives the enchanted life of a successful actress, her glamorous environment offers little protection. A killer waits for the right moment to re-enact another Hitchcock-style murder. This murderer casts up-and-coming young actresses as the victims. Only these beautiful young women die, and the blood runs red and real. Is Jennifer the next victim?  

Jennifer's mother, Abby Sawyer, one of Hollywood's living legends, believes someone menaces her daughter. She sends for Conar Markham, her stepson from a previous marriage and someone she trusts, to deal with the threat. One of Hollywood's leading men, on the screen Conar makes hearts throb, but off camera, he possesses some special talents. A former Marine, Conar spent his military career directing a special diving investigation unit. He returns to Abby's famous home, Granger House, to guard the irascible Jennifer. But can Jennifer trust him?  

Book: Heather Graham, Tall, Dark and DeadlySadly, Abby must fight her own demons and cannot protect her daughter. She talks to people she sees on the walls. These visions result from Parkinson's Mania, the most frightening symptom associated with the Parkinson's Disease destroying Abby's body and the quality of her life. Can Conar believe Abby's fears that someone wants to harm her daughter? Or should Conar ascribe Abby's fears to the mania? 

Heather Graham presents an intriguing list of suspects. They work on the popular soap, Valentine Valley. Jennifer plays the beautiful vixen soap fans love to hate. As Jennifer's next male conquest, the producers hire Conar. They pay him an exorbitant salary. On the set resentment runs high against this high-priced, big shot movie star. Off the set, Jennifer and Conar enact their own drama. Filled with old resentments, they resist the seductive chemistry pulling them together. 

Graham maintains the suspense right up to the last chapter. In true Hitchcockian fashion, she produces a twist that even fooled a seasoned romantic suspense reader like me. If you like a mystery splashed with lots of glamour, glitz and spicy sex, read Long, Lean, and Lethal.

Doris Valliant

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