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The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) announced the winners of the 15th Annual Chesley Awards at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, September 1. These awards, named for astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell, recognize 1999 artistic achievements in science fiction and fantasy art.

Service to ASFA: Wizards of the Coast

Best Unpublished Monochrome: Rick Berry for Artemis

Best Unpublished Color: Steve Hickman for At the Entmoot

Best Three Dimensional: Johnna Klukas for The Astrologer's Anteroom, furniture (Klukas also created the bases for this year's Hugo Awards)

Best Art Director: Ron Spears for Wizards of the Coast

Best Magazine Cover: Bob Eggleton for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, April 1999

Best Game-Related: Brom for the insert poster for The Duelist, Warriors of Heaven/Guide to Hell

Best Product Illustration: Richard Bober for Cleopatra, plate art for the Bradford Exchange

Best Cover Illustration Paperback: John Jude Palencar for "The Terrorists of Irustan" by Louise Marley, Ace, June 1999

Best Cover Illustration Hardback Book: Michael Whelan for The Mountain of Black Glass by Tad Williams (Whelan also received the Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist)

Best Interior Illustration: James Gurney for Dinotopia, First Flight

Artistic Achievement: Steve Hickman

(Editor's note: Crescent Blues extends special thanks to Chesley 2000/2001 Coordinator Lynn Perkins for providing the awards list.)