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The Tower At Stony Wood

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Four moon gifAce (Hardcover), ISBN 0-441-00733-3
Have you ever read a book that drew you so completely under its spell that at times you wondered if you actually walked through a magical forest with a quest-bound knight or merely experienced a waking dream?  

Patricia McKillip's latest lyrical treasure casts such a spell. In the world of Gloinmere, Cyan Dag, sworn knight of Regis Aurum, king of Yves, waits with the rest of the court for the arrival of Yves' new queen, Gwynne, Lady of Skye.  

Book: Patricia McKillip, The Tower At Stony WoodIn the matter of moments, however, Cyan Dag's whole world turns upside down when the mysterious Bard of Skye reveals a horrifying secret. The king's new bride is an imposter -- the true Lady of Skye languishes in an enchanted tower in distant Skye. Bound by his oath and love for the king, Cyan rides west to free Lady Gwynne. Will Cyan's oath to his king prove stronger than his love for the lady he left behind without a word? 

In the kingdom of Ysse, Prince Thayne, embittered by his father's defeat at the hands of Regis Aurum and Yves' army, seeks a tower guarded by a dragon. The tower, filled boundless heaps of gold and treasure, should provide ample wealth to allow Thayne to finance an army strong enough to reduce Yves to rubble. But crossing a dragon entails great risk. Will Thayne's wish for destruction prove the catalyst for his own? 

Book: Patricia McKillip, Riddle-Master - Three booksAnd in yet another tower somewhere near the village of Stony Wood, a young woman, Melanthos, embroiders pictures of a woman she watches in a magical mirror. Is the woman real? Where does Melanthos' work go once she finishes it?  

McKillip answers these questions and more. Even though one must wade through a convoluted plot and follow five perspectives, The Tower At Stony Wood nevertheless provides a richly fantastic journey through beautifully developed lands in the company of fascinating characters.  

Teri Dohmen

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