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Three moon gifIvy Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-449-00484-8
Sizzle! Steam! Meltdown! And that's just the opening chapter of The Seduction. Wickedly handsome Lord Damien Sinclair, known in Regency London as the infamous "Lord Sin," lives up to his nickname. This rakehell misbehaves with anyone in skirts until Lady Vanessa Wyndham comes along.  

Book: Nicole Jordan, The SeductionVanessa knows all about seduction. Her brief marriage to the much older Sir Roger Wyndham taught her well. Wyndham didn't let his marriage vows interfere with his profligate love life. Sold into a marriage that barely lasted a year, Vanessa endured the loveless match while Wyndham squandered his vast fortune, then got himself killed in a duel over an opera singer. Vanessa wants no parts of another marriage or an alliance of any sort. But her family comes first. 

Because of the reckless actions of Vanessa's brother Aubrey, Lord Sinclair's sister Olivia lies bedridden, despondent and unable to walk. Sinclair sets out to destroy Aubrey for ruining his sister's reputation during a forbidden tryst that almost took Olivia's life. Can Vanessa help this invalid girl so cruelly mistreated by her thoughtless brother and his friends, while protecting her own family from Sinclair's vengeance? 

Book: Nicole Jordan, The PassionSinclair succeeds in his revenge, financially ruining Aubrey and threatening to damage Vanessa's mother and sisters as well. Vanessa must strike a bargain with Lord Sin. Olivia needs a companion, and Vanessa knows how to manage young girls. Sinclair accepts Vanessa's offer to act as Olivia's companion, but he adds his own condition -- Vanessa must fill his bed as well. Although Vanessa abhors libertines, she doesn't want her family thrown out on the streets to starve. If becoming Sinclair's mistress will save her family, she'll comply. Can this determined widow avoid the wicked allure of London's notorious Lord Sin?  

Nicole Jordan beguiles you with spicy sex scenes that will fog your glasses while she unfolds a compelling story. Along with your towel and plenty of sunscreen, pack Jordan's novel in your beach bag for a red hot summer read.  

Doris Valliant

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