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Three moon gifAvon (Paperback), ISBN 0380801493
The most recent paperback release of her Southern Sisters mysteries, Murder Shoots the Bull pits Patricia Anne and Mary Alice against the local cops as once again they try to solve a local murder. After spotting very married neighbor Arthur Phizer with a mysterious redhead, the sisters suspect Book: Anne George, Murder Shoots the Bullhim of stepping out on his wife, Mitzi. The mystery deepens when the redhead turns up dead.  

To further complicate matters, Patricia Anne's daughter-in-law Lisa shows up announcing an impending divorce and sporting a Spice Girl do. After the Phizers' house catches on fire, and Arthur becomes the target of a shooter, the sisters decide they must solve this case, no matter what it takes. It takes their snooping to the extreme, and they start digging into Arthur's past. 

Book: Anne George, Murder Carries a TorchAnne George's two beloved snoop sisters operate with a zaniness worthy of Lucy and Ethel. An enjoyable romp through Birmingham, Ala., full of spice, Southern wit and sweet tea, Murder Shoots the Bull won't disappoint fans of this well-established series.  

However, fans of more serious novels should beware -- both the murder and the ensuing mayhem reflect the sheer fun of this typical cozy series. Blood and guts don't exist in George's view of murder.  

Book: Anne George, Murder On A Girls Night OutYou don't need to read the entire series before enjoying Murder Shoots the Bull. But if you like tongue-in-cheek comedy and laughter with your dead bodies, you should probably catch up on the antics of petite Patricia Anne and her statuesque sister, Mary Alice, starting with the first title, Murder on a Girls' Night Out. Anne George's loveable series will leave you laughing from page one.  

Maria Y. Lima

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