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Four moon gifBerkley (Paperback), ISBN 0-425-17428-X
Kate Corsi and Patrick Donovan experienced the burning point -- where passion ignites -- during their three years together, until consuming forces demolished their marriage vows. Their divorce did not alter Donovan's relationship with his father-in-law and boss, Sam Corsi, nor diminish his position in Phoenix Demolition, Inc. (PDI). Sam, an explosives expert, started PDI and built his demolition business into one of the best in the country.  

Book: Mary Jo Putney, The Burning PointNow, ten years later, Sam Corsi's mysterious death during a PDI implosion, brings Kate and Donovan together again. Under the terms of Sam's will, they must live in the same house for a year. If they refuse to comply, Donovan will forfeit PDI, and Kate and her brother Tom will lose a fortune.  

Sam grew up in a working class neighborhood in Baltimore's Little Italy, but he married Julia, a Maryland aristocrat from the Baltimore Blue Book. Although Julia's blue blood flowed in her veins, Kate desperately wanted to join her father in the demolition business. Sam held firmly to his belief that "demolition is no place for girls." Sam told her to produce Donovan's babies since "No daughter of mine is ever going to work demolition." Kate compromised and learned architecture. If she couldn't level buildings, then she'd construct them. 

At the same time that Kate's marriage exploded, Sam torpedoed his relationship with Tom. Kate took her brother's side and fled with him to San Francisco. While Kate and her partner Liz Chen forged a successful architecture firm, Tom launched a profitable career in the computer business. Sam's will fulfills Kate's ambition to blow up structures, but she must toss away the satisfying life she enjoys in California and return to an inflammatory relationship that nearly destroyed her. 

Book: Mary Jo Putney, The BargainFrom the grave, Sam detonates an explosion that will force Kate and Donovan to come to terms with their past. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, can they construct an alliance out of the destructive debris of their shattered marriage? 

With The Burning Point, Mary Jo Putney, a master of historical romance, blasts into the contemporary romance market with a dynamite first novel. According to Kate Corsi, cats and ice cream are "among life's simple, uncomplicated pleasures." Reading a Mary Jo Putney novel deserves be added to Kate's list. 

Doris Valliant

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