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Four moon gifIvy Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-449-00601-8
Contemporary romance author Patricia Rice pens an impossible heroine, covers her with glitter, magic and purple-streaks, and adds dragons to her shoes. Rice then gives this unlikely creature a dreamy attitude and an indomitable will, and gently induces the reader to accept the impossible and believe the dream can come true. Oh, yes, I should mention the heroine, Maya Alyssum, a single schoolteacher great with child, assumes responsibility for her five-year-old nephew and her sister's New Age and very dirty shop. 

Book: Patricia Rice, Impossible DreamsRaised in foster homes, Maya believes her jailed sister (original proprietor of the shop) and her sister's children to be the sum total of her family. Maya dreams of starting a chain of schools in which students receive love and nurturing regardless of their innate ability. This newly born and fragile dream becomes the stakes in a complex game of small town politics.  

Widower Axell Holm, bar/restaurant owner, uptight and unbending, needs the teacher and school for his motherless daughter to thrive. And he needs the teacher on his side if his mother-in-law tries to gain custody of the child. To add to his problem, the city council just might try to close down his bar and take his liquor license away if he won't help close down the school, condemn the land around it and vote for a new commercial development. 

Book: Patricia Rice, VolcanoYou guessed it. Axell meets the teacher. Maya turns his staid life sideways and crooked. He can't bear to lose his bar license, but he can't ask Maya to give up her dream either. What to do? Maybe he can fight city hall and the new development threatening to take her school. Maybe he can do that, but can he fight drug dealers, his growing attachment for Maya, and falling buildings, floods and fire? 

Impossible Dreams delivers laughter, sighs and some real magic. Patricia Rice never fails to delight, and in this book, she weaves a tale of sheer enchantment. Could it actually happen? I really don't know and don't care. Imagination, woven into a rich and warm tapestry of fun, should be enough. And this book rates very high in both the fun and the imagination department. 

Patricia White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the contemporary PS, I've Taken a Lover, is available from Lionhearted Books . The Wandering Troll, an electronic magazine, began serializing her novel Prophecy Be Damned in April 2000.

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