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Two and one half moon gifHarper (Paperback) ISBN 0061030201
Sometimes terrible tragedies turn into unexpected blessings -- as Catherine Miller, a divorced mother of a 15-year-old, discovers in Disguised Blessing. Engaged to Tom, a charming, handsome businessman, life seems perfect. Then her daughter Lynda attends a party one night and gets tragically burned in a freak accident. 

Book: Georgia Bockoven, Disguised BlessingRick Sawyer, an 18-year veteran of the Sacramento Fire Department, spends much of his free time as a burn counselor. He helps Lynda cope with her physical stress, while guiding her through the mental anguish that blisters Lynda more than the flames on her back. After Lynda's accident, only a few friends stick around. Catherine knows Lynda's back will heal and the scars fade, but she fears Lynda's emotional scars may last forever. As Rick counsels Lynda, he faces an unexpected fire of his own -- a growing attraction to Lynda's beautiful mother.  

Rick knows all about fighting fires, but he can't control the flames he feels for Catherine. Catherine's socially exclusive world excludes men like Rick. The handsome firefighter wears a blue collar; she dresses in designer chic. Burned by a bad marriage and her broken engagement to Tom, Catherine distrusts her heart, but finds herself drawn to the heat of Rick's desire.  

Bockoven proves that the darkest clouds hide silver linings. Unfortunately, glaring editing mistakes mar this compelling tale. Character names get switched, an error I rarely encounter in my reading. If you overlook a poor editing job, Disguised Blessing deserves an afternoon's read. 

Doris Valliant

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