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Two and one half moon gifMountain View Publishing (Ebook),
ISBN 1-928602-03-7
Men are just awful! Really they are!  

Emery Ross in Beth Loughner's Lessons of the Heart fits the mold perfectly. Emery falls in love quickly. So quickly that Emery makes one big mistake he still regrets. Because of this, Emery believes he can't trust any woman. Or more precisely, he can't trust any woman he could fall in love with. This fear worsens when he falls immediately for Kayla Murray. What can a fellow do? Constantly keep watch on the object of his affection, of course. 

Book: Beth Loughner, Lessons of the HeartOn the opposite side of the coin, Kayla Murray, who arrives at the Valley View Farm and Camp Center for a summer job as a nurse to the young campers, guards secrets of her own -- particularly about her regular job and her reasons for coming to Valley View. Emery instantly mistakes this caution for the female deviousness he despises. Not understanding Emery's reactions but finding herself constantly drawn to him emotionally, Kayla must cope with Emery's exasperating paranoia, his constant accusations, and the growing sense of God in her life -- far too much to ask of one woman. 

The lovers' paths certainly don't run smoothly. The craggy countryside, streams, accidents and arguments make the summer camp a rough ride in more ways than one. The only sound foundation for their relationship and resolution to their problems comes from Emma Ross, Emery's mother, who attempts to smooth the wriggly path of love and give Cupid's arrow a little guidance. 

Beth Loughner does well at producing characters that draw empathy and feeling from the reader. She handles the spiritual sections carefully, so carefully the reader gets the feeling Loughner feels uncomfortable discussing her characters' Christian beliefs and doubts. Real anguish over faith combined with the anguish generated by love and romance might have added a lot of fire to an otherwise ordinary story. 

Still Lessons of the Heart offers a very pleasant story that will gently pass the time away for a few winter nights. 

Goodnight all. 

Stephen Smith

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