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Three and one half moon gifPocket/Sonnet (Paperback), ISBN 0671041738
In Forbidden Garden, an 1860's historical/paranormal romance with a difference, intrigue and sexy attraction grow page by exciting page. Anne Sherwood, widow, sees and can diagnose plant ailments by their auras -- a secret she dare not share. Wearing drab, unattractive outerwear, and wildly sensual undergarments, the widow accepts employment from Lord Connock, an amateur biologist who needs an artist with Anne's sketching skills. 

Book: Tracy Fobes, Forbidden GardenOn the way to Connock's estate, one of Anne's trunks bounces out of the carriage, shortly before the driver wrecks the vehicle. Found by a passerby, the trunk and its contents (her undergarments) await Anne at a local inn. But Anne must get to the inn first, and the walk fills her with fear, because a rustling in the bushes follows her the whole way. Michael McEvoy, Lord Connock's naturalist and exotic plant hunter, also awaits Anne's arrival -- if not intentionally. When they meet, sparks fly. 

Anne discovers something sinister happening at the estate, but the horror can only be unraveled by Michael and Anne working together. Unfortunately, Michael owes Lord Connock too much to oppose the old man's research into propagation and grafting, fertilization, and plans for a superplant -- one that can (and does) seek its own food source. Tales run rampant among the superstitious villagers. Old myths contribute to the fear, but no one but Anne suspects Lord Connock's experimentation as the cause of all the problems. 

Book: Tracy Fobes, Heart of the DoveKiller plants hungry for human blood, an endangered population, moments of humor, sizzling sex and a fast-paced plot combine beautifully in this a great read. A likable hero and heroine, a complex villain, interesting secondary characters and admirable research spice the mixture and make Forbidden Garden a read-in-one-setting book -- one I recommend to all paranormal/historical fans. It should have a gold "Keeper" label on the cover. 

Patricia White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the contemporary PS, I've Taken a Lover, is available from Lionhearted Books.

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