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Don't Count Your Cyber-Chickens…


February editorial cartoonY2K came and went without so much as a hiccup in our corner of the Internet. Even the weather seemed stalled in 1999's bright, balmy autumn. Thanks to a strong January line-up, Crescent Blues looked forward to one of its best months ever. 

Then our host server went down. 

Although the blame falls squarely on the service provider, all of us at Crescent Blues wish to apologize for the down time. The CB staff worked night and day to restore the site and uploaded as soon as our provider would allow. But that still left 48 hours in which you couldn't read our interviews, features and reviews.  

We are taking steps to ensure this particular moment in our history doesn't repeat itself. Meanwhile, we hope you'll view our February line-up as a thank-you for sticking with us.  

Mystery-and-everything-else-writer Helen Chappell discusses her supernaturally funny Sam and Hollis series -- and everything else, including the several years Chappell spent lurking in Maryland graveyards. Jody Lynn Nye celebrates the return of her much loved "Mythology" series and shares her experiences collaborating with SF/Fantasy giants Anne McCaffery and Piers Anthony. Romance writer Vivian Vaughan heats up a cold February with her tales of Texas. 

Not to mention a couple of Valentine surprises we hope to spring over the course of the month. So sit back in your computer chair, relax and welcome back to world of Crescent Blues

Jean Marie Ward