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Crescent Blues Book Views4 moon iconHard Shell Word Factory (Ebook),
ISBN 1-58200-085-9
To give my opinion of Fat Chance in Texas terms: "Yee-hah! Give them gals four crescents and a pitcher of margaritas!" (And throw in an enchilada dinner -- they deserve it.)  

Book: Terry Campbell, Fat ChanceLindsay Michaels, paralegal and sort of girlfriend to a crusading Lubbock, Texas, district attorney, enrolls in a weight loss program that her wannabe boyfriend labels a scam. He wants Lindsay to dig up incriminating evidence that will garner him a very public conviction (and a certain win in the next election). However, Lindsay, desperate to lose 20 pounds, vows to prove that the FRAT (Fat Removal and Transplant) Institute is the real McCoy.  

Meanwhile, over at the FRAT Institute, Dr. Halloran (Hal) Randall convinces his partner Marie to pose as his fiancée to hold back the hordes of women attracted to his male-model good looks. You see, Hal has a big problem. Never mind that Marie's life-partner Wanda promised to remove certain parts of his anatomy, or that Hal hides very big secret, or that his worst enemy promised to bring his career and FRAT to ignominious end. Something even more unsettling than a Texas tornado just swept into his life -- a certain someone named Lindsay Michaels.  

As a less than thin person (I prefer the term "voluptuous"), I instantly identified with Lindsay's struggle to lose weight. The fact that I laughed my not inconsiderable derriere off most of the time I identified didn't hurt either. You don't need to be Texan to enjoy Fat Chance. You just need to be alive, breathing and literate. Bravo, Terry Campbell! 

Teri Dohmen

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