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Crescent Blues Book ViewsThree and one half moonsPocket (Paperback), ISBN 0-671-02409
Even on the tail of the heart-stopping plot and chilling suspense of Deaver's best-selling The Bone Collector, The Coffin Dancer does not disappoint. Those who read The Bone Collector are probably already Lincoln Rhyme fans, those who haven't will be when they read The Coffin Dancer.

Book: Jeffrey Deaver, The Coffin DancerWhen a fiery aerial explosion blows pilot Ed Carney to bits, all clues point to the notorious assassin, Coffin Dancer.  The FBI suspects Carney's death relates to an upcoming murder trial against a millionaire arms dealer.  With only two witnesses left to support their case, the FBI can't afford another hit.

The desperate Feds need to get the best man for the job. And no one in the police detective business can sniff out a perp better than C4 paraplegic Lincoln Rhyme -- even without the use of his limbs. 

Rising to the challenge, Rhyme vows to find the Dancer before he gets to the witnesses. But can it be done? Not an easy feat, considering the Dancer waltzes in and out of crime scenes where Rhyme will never set foot. Still, the Feds put their money on Rhyme, who with his sharp wit and steely determination, won't let his disability get in his way. Soon, Rhyme's keen senses have him on the track and just steps behind the cunning murderer.  

Book: Jeffery Deaver, The Bone CollectorThe Coffin Dancer makes a grueling partner in a chilling dance of death. However, after the Dancer misses a few steps, Rhyme takes the lead. Will Rhyme slip and fall, or will the Coffin Dancer's dance of deceit prove to be his very last?  

Again, Jeffrey Deaver has penned a page-turner. His real characters, with their true-to-life motivations, guide us through a maze of mystery, deceit and narrow escapes. The story plays out smoothly, yet proves so arresting, that you find it difficult to put this book down.  

The Coffin Dancer proved a fascinating read. The book received slightly less than a perfect four only because it will be hard to top The Bone Collector.  

Lynne Remick 

Lynne Remick moderates the on-line writers group called Writer's Ink.

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