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The second book in a double romance set in Regency England, The Silver Coin continues the adventures of Colby sisters begun in The Gold Coin. As such, The Silver Coin should come with a warning not to read its jacket copy until you read the first book in the series. The blurb reveals one of The Gold Coin's pivotal plot points and, in my opinion, constitutes a spoiler. 

Book: Andrea Kane, The Silver CoinThe offspring of twin brothers who married sisters, Anastasia and Breanna Colby look enough alike to be twins and often pretend to be each other. Their grandfather gives each young woman a coin -- gold for one, silver for the other -- and makes the cousins promise to always treasure the coins and each other. The Gold Coin told Anastasia's story. The Silver Coin features Breanna and, for a hero, gives her Royce Chadwick, England's foremost expert on finding people who wish to remain unfound. And a very sexy hero he is -- and brave enough to protect Breanna from the faceless man who intends her deadly harm. 

Book: Andrea Kane, The Gold CoinWho is the unconventional, brilliant Royce trying to find and why? What terrible danger threatens to destroy the two beautiful cousins? Answering those questions here would reveal too much of the plot of The Gold Coin. But I can say the two books should be viewed as a single work that tells two great love stories featuring six wonderful characters. Yes, six -- the Colbys' well-depicted butlers make admirable additions to a nicely plotted, very suspenseful whole. 

The Silver Coin doesn't stand alone, so I would advise reading The Gold Coin first, then leaping right into the second book. Together they provide an excellent read with a nice mystery and many interesting situations. 

Patricia White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the western Edwina Parkhurst, Spinster, is available from Hard Shell Word Factory. 

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Reader's Respond:

I loved both books.  I purchased them at the same time to ensure I would be able to follow the cousins.  I could not wait to see if they followed their grandfather's advice.  I read both books in three days!!!!!!

Superb!!!!  I have saved these to read again.

Gretchen M. Jones