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Dreams Unlimited (Ebook),
ISBN: 1-892520-19-2
There are vampires, and then there are the very sexy vampires of J.C. Wilder's Retribution, the second volume of the Chronicles of the Shadow Dwellers. A masterly writer, Wilder creates a whole vampire subculture that lives and thrives, falls in love, creates enemies, and sends swift and sure Retribution against those who flaunt their power. Or try to subvert and destroy their own. 

Mikhail, one of the most powerful vampires on earth, initiated Jennifer Beaumont into the ranks of vampiredom. Since he took Jennifer's blood and made her one of the revenants (humans turned vampire, but not of the old blood), he remains her master, despite his villainies. 

Mikhail kidnaps another vampire, Miranda of Glencoe, a dear friend of Jennifer's, and imprisons her in his lavish home. When Jennifer demands her friend's freedom, Mikhail commits a horrible, unforgivable sin in the vampire canon -- he takes Jennifer's blood against her will. 

After Miranda is killed, the vampires seek to make Mikhail pay for his crimes. To accomplish this, Jennifer and her allies must work with Conor MacNaughten, an extremely randy revenant. Jennifer terribly hurt Conor, the only man she ever loved, and now he hates her with all of his soul (if not several of his body parts). 

This very complex book should carry a label -- not for the prudish. Retribution offers a dark, sexually graphic depiction of world where lives are long (if not eternal), lust is great, and the struggle for dominance is very real. Set in modern day England, the action never stops. Although not likeable, the characters perfectly embody who and what they are, and make for a great read. 

The first book in the Shadow Dwellers series, One With the Hunger, garnered rave reviews, but you don't need to read it to enjoy Retribution. Both books stand alone -- and make Bram Stoker, the father of vampires, look to his laurels. 

Oh, yes, before I forget, Retribution boasts a great love story too. In fact, it's a romance, but one with differences you won't soon forget. 

Patricia White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the western The Legend of Lejube Rogue, is available from New Concepts Publishing.

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