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Delacorte Press (Hardcover),
ISBN 0-385-31930-4
She bid $10,000 and made him hers. She took him home. The next morning she was dead. Then the complications set in. He was the "date" for sale at a charity affair. She was an infamous recluse once found guilty of murdering her lover. He was the sheriff up for recall. They shared a past together. She bought him, because she believed herself threatened by her dead lover and wanted his help. He didn't really believe her until it was too late -- until she was dead. 

Pariah boasts a multi-layered, plausible but unpredictable plot that twists and turns, digs and delves, and piles complication on top of complication. Kurt Muller, the well-defined protagonists, shows himself vulnerable, dedicated, and flawed -- which makes for a great read. The secondary characters lend spice to the mix as they attempt to guard the secrets that must be kept. 

Set in Aspen, Colo., Pariah deals with far more than the rich and famous who inhabit the ski area. But the rich and famous infest the place along with politicians most foul and conniving tycoons. Some of these dubious folk claim to be Kurt's friends; others, his foes. A past that refuses to lie down and die haunts many of the characters, including Kurt. It could also destroy several innocents, but only if Kurt can't stop the murderer in time. 

Pariah is the third mystery starring Kurt Muller. The first two, Into Thin Air and Hardrock Stiff, garnered rave reviews. If they measure up to Pariah, I can certainly see why. Pariah is an outstanding book with a grand mystery, a master detective, and enough action to keep the pages turning, rapidly, until the end. I don't suppose you can tell I really enjoyed reading this book -- or can you? 

Patricia White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the western Edwina Parkhurst, Spinster, is available from Hard Shell Word Factory.

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