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Pocket Books ISBN: 0-671-52574-3
Policewoman Sloan Reynolds' wealthy father severed all connection with her the day he divorced her mother and spirited away Sloan's older sister. Sloan and her mother ate peanut butter for weeks rather than call and ask him for money.  

Years later a heart problem inspires or frightens Dad into a change of heart. He wants to reconcile. Sloan doesn't, but the F.B.I. asks her to reconsider. The Bureau suspects Sloan's father of laundering dirty money, and they want the goods on him. The last agent the Bureau placed in Reynolds' organization turned up dead. But the investigation could be salvaged if Sloan and Agent Paul Richardson accept Reynolds' invitation to spend two weeks undercover at Reynolds' Palm Beach, Fla., home.  

Masquerading as interior decorator and boyfriend, policewoman and agent enter Reynolds' world. Sloan suspects her father's every word and move, but meeting her sister Paris throws Sloan for a loop. After so many years in such different circumstances, neither woman expected to like each other so much. And Sloan certainly never expected to fall in love with Paris's friend and neighbor, super-rich Noah Maitland.  

But Paul sees Noah as a suspect. Wined and dined by Noah in Palm Beach's finest restaurants and aboard his private yacht, Sloan puts her job first and dutifully reports all evidence of Noah's illegal dealings. But a shocking murder overturns everyone's best laid plans, leaving Sloan unmasked and marked for death.  

As a suspense novel, Night Whispers satisfies on many levels. But after the book's surprising, explosive climax, the last chapter felt like an afterthought added solely to satisfy some marketeer's notion of a "proper romance ending." The book didn't need it. The climax ended the story very convincingly, neatly tying off all the plot's loose ends. I loved Night Whispers, but I would've loved it more without the jarring and unnecessary coda. 

Suzanne Frisbee

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