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Sonnet Books (Paperback), ISBN 0-671-01888-4
I am not a fan of Regency romance, but The Gold Coin -- while set in the Regency period in England and definitely a romance -- doesn't fit the strictures of that genre. The Gold Coin, the first in a two-book series, ventures, quite credibly and very suspensefully, into new waters. (Sonnet will release the second, The Silver Coin, in September.) 

Book: Andrea Kane, The Gold CoinThe offspring of twin brothers who married sisters, Anastasia and Breanna Colby look enough alike to be twins themselves. Their grandfather gives each young woman a coin -- gold for one, silver for the other -- and makes the cousins promise to always treasure the coins. 

The two girls vow early in life to come to each other's rescue in time of need. The need arises when an orphaned Anastasia returns to England from the United States, where she lived with her father for a number of years. She becomes the ward of her uncle, who controls the family business. But a handsome banker, Damen Lockewood, Marquess of Sheldrake, controls her personal finances. 

In addition to becoming romantically involved with the wealthy and fascinating Marquess, Anastasia soon uncovers her uncle's involvement in an ugly scheme that places her and her dear cousin in deadly danger. Anastasia knows she can't defeat the danger on her own, and Damen is the only one she can ask for aid. Anastasia and Damen dare not allow their growing feelings emerge until they defeat their foe. But will they ever defeat him entirely? 

In preparing for the Coin books, Kane faced a daunting amount of research into early 19th century banking and financial structures. But she handled it like a trouper, integrating the necessary information seamlessly into a light, enjoyable read. In The Gold Coin, Kane draws nice, well-balanced characters that I wanted to win, evil characters that I wanted to get theirs, and a great plot that kept me guessing. 

Patricia L. White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the western The Legend of Lejube Rogue, is available from New Concepts Publishing. 

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Reader's Respond:

I loved both books.  I purchased them at the same time to ensure I would be able to follow the cousins.  I could not wait to see if they followed their grandfather's advice.  I read both books in three days!!!!!!

Superb!!!!  I have saved these to read again.

Gretchen M. Jones