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Avon Twilight Books (Paperback),
ISBN: 0-380-79326-1
You could celebrate the Fourth of July by shooting a Brigadier General (Ret.) But it may be better in the long run to read Yankee Doodle Dead, following the trail of Annie and Max Darling as they investigate the motives behind the dastardly deed.  

The tenth book in the Award-winning Death on Demand mystery series, Yankee Doodle Dead is a scorcher. The weather descriptions alone made me turn the air conditioner up another notch. Series fans will delight in the reappearance of some of their favorite characters. Meanwhile, new readers will discover the fascinating zaniness of Annie's mother-in-law Laurel and the take-no-prisoners attitude of Miss Dora. They also will meet the Darling cats: Agatha, the clawed terrorist, and Dorothy L., a cat who knows no enemies. 

Brigadier General Charlton "Bud" Hatch waged his move to the South Carolina island Annie and Max call home like a military operation. Now, believing himself in command of the situation, he wants everything done his way. His way includes demeaning women, gays and minorities.  

In short, the general makes enemies as fast as humanly possibly, and one of them shoots him dead in front of a crowd of people watching the island's July 4 fireworks. But which enemy did the general in? Laurel soon falls under suspicion, because she was present at an earlier attempt on the general's life, and she knows more than she's telling about who broke into his locker. 

But Laurel is far from the only suspect. The general took issue with the island's gay head librarian, enraging the librarian's life partner past the point of murder. The assistant librarian also came under the general's fire. And why did Henny, Annie's dear friend and avid amateur sleuth, go into hiding, pretending to ignore the entire mess? And what about -- 

Series fans know the Darlings will answer all these questions and more in grand style. How could they do otherwise when Annie owns the Death on Demand mystery bookstore and has read every book in the shop? For the Darlings and their friends, the only question is can they do it in time? 

Patricia White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the western Edwina Parkhurst, Spinster, is available from Hard Shell Word Factory.

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