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Pocket Star Books, ISBN: 0-671-89109-x
Only for his brother would multi-billionaire, Jason Wilding spend Christmas babysitting Amy Thompkins' enfant terrible, Max. Jason's brother needs to spend quality time with Amy in order to win her hand, and Jason is the only person he trusts to live in her house. He also makes sure that Amy won't get interested in Jason by telling her Jason's gay, a little fact he neglects to tell Jason.  

Jason falls head over heels for the dirt poor but proud Amy and resolves to help her out. Ordering his secretary to buy, stock and open a baby furniture store on about one day's notice, Jason arranges for a super-fantastic sale so Amy can buy Max a decent crib. Of course, she calls her friends so they can get a good buy too and Jason watches his money fly out the door.  

Desperately trying to get the fussy Max to eat anything, Jason orders his personal chef to prepare baby food. The chef's efforts don't turn out quite like the canned version. The chef believes babies don't really like the bland, unseasoned pap parents force on them and wants Jason to back a gourmet baby food line. Surprise -- Max proves to be an infant epicure.  

A truly delightful book, The Blessing sparkles with humor and emotion. Its well-executed plot follows through nicely. Even if you don't think you like romance, give this one a try.  

Suzanne Frisbee

Readers Respond

I did not enjoy this book, which is a surprise, because I adore Jude Devereaux's books.

I didn't like the heroine. I thought she was sort of stupid and pathetic. I did like the hero though. I thought he was realistic.

Thank you,

Sharon Martinez

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