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Twilight Times Books (Ebook) 1999
ISBN: 1-929034-40-7
A rare gem and one of Twilight Times Books premiere publications, Night Kiss makes you sigh when it's finished and wish that you could've read it slower. But given the book's plot, characters and premise, reading slower is not an option. I couldn't put this book down -- though since it's an electronic book, I suppose I should say I couldn't turn it off. 

Whalen, who also writes for Precious Gems and Bouquet (under the nom de plume Maddie James), pens a lucid, believable and thoroughly enjoyable time travel romance. Her masterly grasp of the genre keeps you off-balance, wondering just how this marvelous read will end.  

Based on the legends surrounding the infamous pirate Blackbeard, Night Kiss uses the pirate's actual haunts for its settings. The action opens in 1718 when Blackbeard spirits away Jack Porter's wife, Hannah. Determined to make Blackbeard pay for his misdeeds -- and rescue his wife -- Jack boards Blackbeard's ship, extracts some vengeance but arrives too late to save Hannah. He holds her in his arms as she dies and vows to find her again, no matter when, no matter where.  

Nearly 200 years later, Claire Winslow is vacationing on one of the Barrier Islands off the coast of South Carolina when she sees a man in the evening mist. He appears to her several times until the night he finally kisses her and disappears back into the mist. That night he comes to her in her dreams and does more than kiss her. He also tells her they will be together again. Claire is sure she's going crazy, having sexual dreams of a man who couldn't exist.  

I would hate to spoil this excellent romance, so won't say any more about the suspenseful plot. The characters are well drawn, likable, and perfect for the setting and the story. And the download includes Judith Huey's beautiful cover too.  

In case you hadn't guessed, I found Night Kiss an incredibly good read.  

Patricia White 

Patricia White is the Sapphire Award-winning author of A Wizard Scorned. Her current book, the western The Legend of Lejube Rogue, is available from New Concepts Publishing.

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