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Not Worth a Thought


Mature +15
Looking for a contemporary love story? A love story for our times? Then see Sliding Doors or My Best Friend's Wedding. Unfortunately this lame comedy lacks their charm. 

The story concerns three Englishmen, long-time friends looking for the "perfect woman." She will have a warm, open smile, listen to their problems and be eternally helpful and understanding. (Sound familiar?) Martha (Monica Potter), a fey American backpacker, lives up to their expectations. Captivated by her honesty and good nature, they all fall in love with her. 

When she falls in love with one of them (the only one worth going out with, let alone marrying!) it creates friction between the friends. Laurence (Joseph Fiennes), the young bridge teacher she chooses, must then decide between loyalty to his friends or love. 

After the good reviews I read elsewhere, The Very Thought of You proved disappointing. Gently amusing, and sometimes very funny, it dragged in too many places and often was just plain dull. The script couldn't match the cleverness of the idea, and the frequently boring characters didn't help matters. 

Potter as Martha manages to escape the general tedium, charming her way into your heart with her warm smile. Any man would fall for her. And Joseph Fiennes once again proves he can act in the role of the naive bridge teacher who has no idea what he's doing. Rufus Sewell and Tim Hollander fail to make the remaining members of the original threesome very likeable, but part of this can be blamed on the script -- and the heavy eye make-up spoiling everyone's looks. 

The excellent photography shows London, the true star of the film, at its best. It makes you want to hop on a plane to "the old country" straightaway. However, why does it always have to be raining in this film? Believe it or not, the sun shines on occasion, even in England! 

Don't rush to see The Very Thought of You. Wait until it appears on TV -- and think twice even then. 

Lisa-Anne Sanderson

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