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Delacorte Press (Hardcover), ISBN 0-385-33283
A troubling call from an old and dear friend sends Henrietta Collins, aka Henrie O, flying to San Antonio, Texas. Quicker than you can say, "Bienvenidos a San Antonio," Henrie O finds herself in the middle of mucho mayhem and murder. 

Iris Chavez, young and impulsive granddaughter of Henrie O's friend, Gina Wilson, hasn't called her grandmother in over a week, and Gina fears the worst.

After seeing Iris' ransacked apartment, Henrie O is inclined to agree. Eager to get information about Iris, Henrie O visits the art gallery where Iris works.  

Tesoros, located on San Antonio's beautiful Riverwalk and filled with the finest Mexican art and jewelry, also bursts at the seams with suspects in Iris's disappearance. Why does Rick Reyes, Iris's boyfriend and grandson to Tesoros owner Maria Elena Garza, keep insisting that Iris ran off to Padre Island for a weekend with a new lover? Who is the burly blond man that seems to be dogging Henrie O's steps? 

Pre-order Ms. Hart's newest todayDeath on the Riverwalk takes for its setting one of San Antonio's greatest treasures, the fabled Riverwalk. Reading the book, you can almost smell the rich aromas wafting from the restaurants, hear the swish of the water as the tour boats putter by and feel the sun warm your skin. Even though the mystery proves a bit transparent, the conflicts of the Garza family and Henrie O's pugnacious determination will keep you involved until the very last page. Pull up a chair, grab a margarita and prepare to saunter down the shady walkways of San Antonio as Henrie O races against time to catch a murderer.  

Teri Dohmen

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