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William Morrow and Company (Paperback),
ISBN: 0-688-16982-1
Some people keep them on their bedside tables, others on a coffee table. I keep mine on an end table in the living room where they can't get mixed up with non-keepers -- a small collection of books that are cute, charming or somehow resonate in tune with the soul. We don't read these books every day, or even every month. Maybe we only read them once a year -- but we all keep them. Maybe they make us feel secure, or perhaps they offer a stash of reading material just in case the ultimate disaster happens, and there's nothing to read.  

Catnip for the Soul fits right into this category. Cute: Cats telling their stories to a human fills the cute requirement immediately. According to "Vinnie's Nine Niftiest Funny People Activities to Watch," the number one funny is -- vacuuming. Just think about it from your cat's point of view.  

Charming: What cat owner hasn't wondered what their favorite puss was thinking? From "Claws" by Coquette: "These claws are so cool. They are perfect. They tap-tap-tap on bare floors, like delicate high heels. They sink into trees, carpets, and chipmunks like a hot knife through butter…. But the best part about my claws is that, as terrific as they are, they are modestly concealed beneath my toes.… One moment I'm Puss-in-Boots, but in a jam, I'm Freddie Krueger." 

Chicken Soup: Troubled humans hug their pets to feel better. Catnip for the Soul supplies the words we yearn to hear. From "Give Me Paws," by Taxi: "When a person cries, it is apparent to every cat the human needs a kiss and a hug right away. I always go over to my person and say, 'Are you okay?'" 

Suzanne Frisbee

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