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LionHearted Publishing Inc. ISBN 1-57343-014-5

"I'd prefer to freeze alone on an asteroid thanů. 

Actually, Patricia Waddell's The Alliance is better than that. 

Reuel Shatar -- and what better name for a ruler -- must breed with an earthling to beget an heir to the Cadish throne. From its seat on the planet Adaria, the Cadish Empire rules over many planets. Reuel's duty requires that he beget an heir -- a duty for which he will even blackmail the girl to achieve his aims.  

He chooses his bride, a human woman named Christa Kirklan, for biological reasons. There is an 80 percent chance she will bear a male in the first birth. 

Bound by a strong physical attraction, Reuel and Christa prove a stormy love match at first; the differences between their cultures make conflict inevitable. An utterly male-dominated society, the Andarians expect women to be ultra-subservient.  

Christa comes from a background of equality and equal footing. She fights hard for equality for the descendants of human colonists -- especially the human women -- shipwrecked on Adaria three generations ago. She cannot cope with her husband's demands and constraints, which Reuel interprets as rebellion against everything Andarian. 

The constant cat and dog arguments both embarrass and hurt Reuel and Christa. In spite of their awareness of the longing they share they keep trying to best each other, neither willing to accept the other's point of view.  

No one tells Christa that Reuel needed to marry a human, because he knew he could not get the necessary heir from an Andarian woman. When Christa discovers the deceit behind the blackmail and the truth -- that she was little more than the best available breeding stock -- the marriage nearly disintegrates. Only a great danger to the empire keeps Christa and Reuel together.  

Patrica Waddell's strong writing style and characterizations might have earned the book a higher rating if The Alliance hadn't so often read like a traditional romance with stray bits of science fiction thrown in.  

Names like "kirstla" (feline creatures who sleep all day) and "kafea" (a hot beverage) added to this reviewers irritation. If it's a cat, it's a cat, I say, and too many strange words make the reading difficult, no matter how large the reader's vocabulary. Plus the great plot driver -- Reuel's supposed inability to "seed" an Adarian woman -- is never properly explained. 

Otherwise a nice involving love story -- steamy but without violence and, refreshingly, no jealous lovers on the sidelines. 

Stephen Smith

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I have to disagree with your initial review of The Alliance by Patricia Waddell. The book was recommended by a friend, and it was my first ebook read. I thoroughly enjoyed this futuristic romance -- the key word being "romance." This is not a sci-fi with a romantic sub-plot; it's a love story set in space. Don't criticize the author for doing what romance readers wanted her to do by putting the romance first. I found the characters delightful and entertaining, including the secondary characters such as Minlim. So many authors forget to put any flesh on the secondary roles in a book and I think Ms. Waddell did an excellent job. I loved the book and I can't wait for it to come out in paperback so I can recommend it to all my friends who are still reluctant to download a book. I think The Alliance is by far one of the "best romances" I've read in a long time.

Ann Kolker

The first review is right -- but the reviewer was a lot nicer than I would be. This book was nothing but a really ordinary romance. The author tried to tack on some sci-fi, but she didn't get any of it right. 

If the hotshot ruler couldn't get his own women pregnant, how come he could get other women -- like the Earth woman -- pregnant? The author didn't explain at all, except for one sentence that said a bug bit him. 

If you want to read a good book from Lionhearted, get Isn't It Romantic -- you won't be disappointed.


Are you out of your mind? The Alliance is the BEST romance I have read in a long time. It is the epitome of what a futuristic romance should be. The reviewer is doing the readers a disservice by being focused on science fiction. Don't you have anyone who loves romance there?  

It's focus is NOT on science fiction -- it's about relationships, romance. The arguments are conflict, the story is an exceedingly strong one, and you rarely know where it will go next.  

He doesn't choose his bride; his advisor, Minlim does. Christa's background is not one of equality and equal footing -- it is the history of her people that holds this key. On top of everything else, the great plot driver -- Reuel's supposed inability to "seed" an Adarian woman - IS explained on page 2 (two) of the book.  

This is a GREAT love story and would make a wonderful movie.

Based upon the factually inaccurate reviews I have read on your site, why would any author want to give this site a book to review? I wouldn't!  

B. K. Wines