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LionHearted Publishing (Paperback),
ISBN: 1573430080
My editor is a mean woman. Honest. I wanted to give Isn't it Romantic? a five moon review, but she wouldn't let me. "Four moons is our highest rating," she snarled. "We don't go any higher for anyone." 

I tried to change her mind. Really I did. I told her all about the bad blood between Katrine Summerville, highly successful romance writer, and Trey Westmoreland, hard-nosed literary review columnist. I even told her how Kat thought Trey was a gigolo sent by a friend that runs an escort service to take her to a prestigious awards ceremony. And how Trey thought Kat was a hooker provided by the same friend. Fireworks and fisticuffs ensue, culminating in a very compromising picture being printed in one of the rival rags the next day. 

That should get her, I thought. But would she budge? Noooooo. So I tried to hook her a bit more. I told her how Trey's paper and Kat's publisher arranged for them to go out on a series of dates and write a He Said/She Said column for the newspaper. And how Trey, badly burned by an ex-wife, schemes to make the dates fail. 

In a last ditch effort to tip the scales, I gave my editor all the details on Kat's and Trey's disastrous first date, including their dinner at Snotty's -- er, excuse me, Shotty's Truck Stop and Grill. I (forgive me, Ronda!) even revealed what happened later that evening when Trey took Kat to a biker bar. I mean, how could anyone not love Wanda the libidinous mud-wrestling midget and Elmo, the burly biker who secretly reads romance novels? 

"Tough cookies," my editor sneered. "Our top rating is still four moons. Now get your buns to work and write that review before I lose my good mood."  

So even though Isn't it Romantic? deserves five moons, I am constrained by my editor, also known as "The Meanest Woman In Cyberspace," to give it a measly four. Ronda, I did my best. I hope you'll forgive me enough to answer one question.  

About that infamous washing machine scene -- would you recommend a Kenmore or a Westinghouse? 

Teri Dohmen

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The Writer Responds:

Teri, Thanks for the great review and in answer to your washing machine question, any brand will do.  The secret is getting the machine to rock.

Ronda Thompson, Author of Isn't It Romantic?