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LionHearted Publishing (Paperback),
ISBN: 1-57343-022-6
You know, it really stinks when one moment you're heading out the door of your workplace on Halloween night and the next you wake up in a completely different world. At least, so Jane Deerfield, librarian, computer nerd and passionate cyberspace activist, thinks.  

But even Jane has to admit that opening your eyes to find a gorgeous man tending you isn't all bad. At least at first. King Daken of the house of Chigan is a tall drink of handsome with awesome healing powers. Jane manages to persuade him to let her tag along to Bosuny, even though Daken would prefer to go alone. 

In Bosuny, Daken hopes to fulfill an ancient prophecy and so sway the Elven Lord to assist him with men and arms to defeat the dreaded Tarkeen. These ferocious raiders have beleaguered Daken's lands, taking prisoner his beloved grandparents and brother as well as hundreds of his people. 

Unfortunately, Jane -- not Daken -- is the "old soul" of the prophecy and gets the coveted seat on the Elven Lord's council that Daken counted on. And Jane, despite her feelings for Daken, refuses to vote for arms or the man. 

Oracle satisfies on many levels. The imagery of a world changed forevermore by a horrific cataclysm is well realized. Greyle ably demonstrates us how our modern, prosaic world could be transformed into one of fantastical beasts and beings, albeit through the worst possible circumstances. 

This reviewer only had one quibble. Jane carries her policy of "no war" past extremism to a point beyond fanaticism. Knowing that your world destroyed itself and resolving that your new world will not is one thing. To jeopardize yourself and those you love just to prove your point is plain stupidity.  

Despite this one character failing, Jane proves herself a worthy protagonist and Daken one of the better romantic fantasy heroes of recent years. Combining romance, fantasy and elements of science fiction isn't easy, but Katherine Greyle certainly succeeds with Oracle

Teri Dohmen

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Oracle was an okay book, but I didn't think it was as good as your reviewer said. The heroine was a real turn-off. The hero was OK, and some of the "new" Earth was pretty cool, but overall, I just got tired Jane whining all the time.  

And some of it was sort of far-fetched. I know how often my computer at work breaks down and how hard it is for our computer fix-it guys to get parts. How did they manage to keep parts and batteries or whatnot for the librarian's computer for all those years?  

Also, if Jane had radiation poisoning so bad, why didn't her hair fall out and she get sores all over her body?  

Sorry, but I would only give Oracle two stars.  

Cyndi Luckey