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Hard Shell Word Factory (ebook),
ISBN 1582001154

Honest, Officer it's not my fault. 

You see, if my senior editor hadn't given me Mr. Wrong to review for Crescent Blues, I wouldn't be in this predicament. I mean, how could anyone not bray with laughter when reading the hero's reaction to the heroine's list defining Mr. Right? I certainly didn't mean to startle my desk mate into falling off her chair. I'm sure with a few chiropractic sessions she'll be just fine. 

Heroin? No thanks, officer, I never touch the stuff. What? Oh! No, no, I said heroine. That's right, the heroine of Mr. Wrong, Kat Snow. Kat is looking for a new husband, so she asks Rourke, her best friend's brother, who also happens to be her boss, to help her find the man that meets all the requirements on her list. 

Unfortunately, at first Rourke thinks Kat is angling for him. It's just like a lawyer to jump to conclusions, don't you think? You say you've been there, done that, lost the criminal? That's a shame. However, Rourke doesn't want to lose Kat, the very best CPA a law firm could want. No, sir. Once Rourke understands that Kat is looking for anyone but him as Mr. Right, he swings right into the spirit of things and helps Kat make herself over to attract just the right man. 

So you see officer, it really was an accident when I spewed cranberry juice over my mother's new blouse. Rourke's reaction to a young doctor's come-on to Kat was just too funny. Any competent cleaner should be able to get out those nasty red stains. Silk isn't that hard to clean, is it? I still say Mom shouldn't have been standing so close. So what if she was trying to serve me dinner?  

However, I am sorry about causing my Significant Other to run over the woman in the crosswalk. How was I to know that he would hit the gas instead of the brake when I burst into hysterical laughter over the ending of the book? I promise that as soon as you let me out of jail, I'll take the lady a copy of Mr. Wrong to read while she's recuperating. After all, you know what they say -- laughter is the best medicine. 

Oh yes, and Officer? Could you please put me in a cell with Internet access? I'll need to get online to send my senior editor my review of the book. What's that you say? I'll have to share a cell with someone called Big Alice? That's okay, I'm sure she'll love reading Mr. Wrong too… 

Teri Dohmen

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