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Avon (paperback), ISBN 0-0380-80121-3 

When 19-year-old Delaney Shaw stopped living by her stepfather's rules, he disowned her. She thought it was the best gift anyone ever gave her. 

But when controlling former mayor of Truly, Idaho, Henry Shaw dies ten years later, he wills Delaney $3 million if she stays in Truly a full year. And stays away from Henry's bastard son, Truly bad boy Nick Allegrezza. If Delaney doesn't her share of Henry's estate goes to Nick. 

In her heart of hearts, Delaney knows she doesn't stand a chance. Nick rolls into Henry's funeral on his Harley like the living image of "Bad to the Bone," leaving Delaney -- and the reader -- short of breath and sweaty palmed.  

Yet when the Basque/Irish Nick makes the sign of the cross after the prayer for the dead, Delaney wants to murder him. How could anyone who looks so profane behave like a priest -- at a Protestant funeral! 

But those contradictions form the core of Nick's attraction. Delaney wants him, because he drives her crazy. Nick wants Delaney for reasons even more complex. Delaney represents everything the bastard son of Henry Shaw could never have, but Nick wants Delaney for herself too. 

In mapping the course of Nick and Delaney's convoluted road to romance, Gibson shows herself a master chemist of humor and love. If she stopped there, she still would have presented her readers with a first-rate romance. 

But Gibson gives her readers more than a hero and heroine to die for. Her astute and hilarious dissection of small town family and professional life left me howling with very nervous laughter. I defy anyone of southern European heritage not to recognize his or her mother in Benita Allegrezza. As soon as I finished the book, I called both my Italian mother and my Slovakian (but very Catholic) mother-in-law just to make sure they never visited Idaho. 

Which doesn't mean Gibson isn't researching "the ladies" or their clones for her next book. I sincerely hope not. It's scary to read your parental units on someone else's page. But I will read Gibson's next book. After Truly Madly Yours, I suspect I'll read anything she chooses to write. 

Jean Marie Ward

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Reader's Feedback

I wanted to let everyone know how much I loved Truly Madly Yours by Rachel Gibson. I usually don't get into reading a lot of books and when I do read it usually takes me a couple of days to complete them. I read this wonderful book in one day. Once I started I couldn't stop. Rachel Gibson did an excellent job of portraying an innocent hair dresser, Delaney and the bad boy Nick. When I started reading about these two characters and their history I related so well. I think that every girl can relate to a story like this. I loved this story and I would love to see it turned into a movie someday. For now I guess I will just read all of Rachel Gibson's books.

Amy Wilkins
Louisville, Ky.

Omigosh! Let me explain the kind of girl I am. I have read a few books a gazillion times over because I like the style of the writer. I have never been into reading for pleasure because of this. I hope Rachel writes fast because I will be getting every book she comes out with. I think this book is awesome...it relates to each and everyone of us about our hometowns and that bully we hated to love.

Dawn Taylor,
Orlando Florida