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Jill Conner Browne: The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love


Three Rivers Press (Paperback);
ISBN: 0609804138
Sisters, I come before you today to give my testimony. I have read the book and it is good. I have found that the truths contained within the book are true and worthy and indeed reveal to us the secrets of the universe. Can you give me a hallelujah here?  

Amen. I beg of you now to take up the book and go forth to enlighten those not fortunate enough to have opened its covers and discovered the wisdom contained therein. Give me another hallelujah, sisters. 

Amen, sisters, amen. Yea verily, I say unto you now, get off your dead butts and get on down to the local bookstore and buy The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love.  

Hell, buy two. I guarantee that if you loan out your first copy (and you will -- trust me on this) you'll never see it again. Jill Conner Browne has written just about the funniest book ever on being southern, female, and most of all -- on being a Queen. 

Face it, after your best friend shamelessly makes off with the one you've lent her, you're going to need that second copy to remember the recipe for "Chocolate Stuff" and "Fat Mama's Knock You Naked Margaritas." Woman cannot live on diet food alone.  

Not to mention that you might want to go back from time to time to refresh your memory on the "True Magic Words Guaranteed to Get Any Man to Do Your Bidding." Double-check to make sure you have the "Five Men You Must Have in Your Life at All Times." And of course, be positive that you know "What to Eat When Tragedy Strikes" (one of my favorite chapters, by the way). 

It doesn't matter if you were born south or north of the Mason-Dixon Line, the Sweet Potato Queen has the goods on all the tricks to become and stay a Queen for life. (And you won't even have to compete with a bunch of bimbos to get your crown.)  

Fellas, you should pick up a copy of this book too. Once your Queen knows the secret to "Big Hair" and "How Not to Do Jackshit," men will be clustering around her supremely desirable body in droves. If you plan to stay her Official Consort, you'd better read up. 

Sisters, once again I say -- from the infamous Sweet Potato Queens' "Promise" to "The Best Advice Ever Given," this book will have you laughing for hours and long recalling Jill Conner Browne's sly wit and lunatic wisdom. Amen. 

Hey, Jill -- how's that for sucking up? Can I be a Sweet Potato Queen now?

Teri Dohmen

Readers Respond:

My best friend did loan me this book and I did find it necessary to run out and buy it myself. You can't read this book just once. The follow-up to the Book of Love was also a necessity. Although I found it to be a lot of the same and it got off to a slow start (I kept thinking I was reading the first book again), by the time I was half way through I was over that idea and enjoyed it as much as the first. I can only hope that Jill decides to write another one. I could see there being a Sweet Potato Queens' Recipes to Live By, with a few short stories included. Jill Connor Browne, (or should I say Your Majesty?) YOUR READERS WANT MORE!!!

The Cookie Dough Queen
(you dough girl!)

I bought myself a chaise lounge to read in before I even read the Book of Love, but as I was reading one night, I did laugh until I cried, and I felt like a queen readin' all relaxed with my feet up! We are discussin' it in our book club in November, and I promise "The Promise" will be the biggest topic of the evening, especially after all those margaritas.

Dana Parker

I have so Declare Myself as A Queen -- don't WANNABE WANNABES -- am a Queen -- especially after I made those MIMI'S BUTTERFINGER COOKIES -- the book is the one I chose for my Book Club to be held tomorrow (7/18/01) -- Will be dressing up like the Queens -- can't wait to see what some of our girls that were raised above the Mason Dixion Line think of this -- house is decorated with Sweet Potatoes. Margaritas (virgins for those who wish) will be served. If I need a good pick me up -- I keep the book with me all the time -- even goes to work with me. Thank you, Jill, for letting me see myself in some of the book -- after the book club -- "Going Out of Pocket" for the weekend.

Carolyn Starling


I absolutely adored it! It was a gift from my best friend who recognized the fact that I needed some laughter and fun...there is more to life than work, you know. This book helped me to discover some things about myself that were hidden for years. Thank you, Jill Connor Browne, for inspiring me to take a chance and have some fun! Don't forget to check out her next book coming in January 2001!

Your friend,
Mrs. Frey

Absolutely the best book I've ever read. Went back and bought five extra copies to give friends because I certainly would not consider lending mine out. Laughed out loud so often that I would not recommend reading this in a public place. It saddened me to reach the end of the book. I wanted more. Please, please, please, Tammy, write another one.


Here we are. A bunch of guys sitting around after my wife has not only proclaimed she is the sweet potato queen. SHE IS THE SWEET POTATO QUEEN. She has already contacted you, and you agreed. She is a sweet potato queen. Please Help Us Innocent MEN. Thank you.


Here I am, a husband of a wannabe sweet potato queen. (SHE IS A SWEET POTATO QUEEN.) We are at a party, she is out being a sweet potato queen, and I just can't explain it. We are at a party, she has the children, and at the end of the night, I'm still in trouble. PLEASE! Make her a queen so I can have a court to serve my needs,


I read this "Instant Mood Elevator" on a night flight to Louisville. I laughed, snorted, wheezed and gasped until everyone within earshot, (including my husband) threatened to put me off the plane! Jill Conner Browne knew exactly how to tickle my funny bone! I will forever yearn to be a "Sweet Potato Queen"!!! Jill...quick!!! Write another one!!!!


The Sweet Potato Queen of Queens
Jill is every southern woman's kind of woman... guts to gab about the fat facts of life that are alarmingly hillarious things we can relate to... from food to friends, men to margaritas and beyond.  I have encouraged friends near and far to share in the blessings of her book.  Buy two, and give one to some gal pal that you really love like you love Tammy!!!

Mary Ellen, Shreveport, La.

Being of the Southern Belle persuasion myself, I can not express, to those who don't have a clue as to the ways of a Queen, as to the absolute truth behind this book.

For those who don't know a thing about Queenly-isms, and just want a lift me up...This is it!! A Gotta Have!!!

But be advised...Don't read it in bed late at night next to a loved one...you'll wake 'em up!


After reading The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love, I am quite certain that I am truly meant to be a Queen myself. Why, just the thought of all those multitudes groveling at my feet for attention makes me all warm and fuzzy. I loved the book. I laughed until I cried. I will Never forget the Most Prepared Woman in the World. I agree wholeheartedly with the advice given in this book. Of course, men may not see things in the same light, but.... LOL

I think all of my friends are lining up outside our local bookstore for copies even as we speak. Terrific book!!!

Brenda Penepent

I just finished eating a whole batch of "chocolate stuff", and I'm in heaven. Pass this book out to all your lady friends and start building yourself a float!

Mary Jo Lamberg



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