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New Concepts Publishing (ebook);
ISBN 1-89102073-0 
Channa Harknell, Zone Leader for Faction Harknell, and newly chosen Shavlan Envoy to the Galatatic Federation's Peace Mediations is not a happy camper. After a lifetime of warfare and strife, Channa's faction suddenly expects her to negotiate a peace with Shavla's enemies, the hated Deorin.  

Channa scorns the Galactic Federation's mediator, Terran Joran Lovrel, as a weak, effeminate pretty-boy. But Channa quickly discovers Joran's appearance is as deceptive as almost every other aspect of the reality she thought she knew.  

Envoy chronicles Channa's awakening to the worlds beyond her own and her own growing desire for peace. Fun as the journey was in many respects, I almost didn't make it past the first three chapters. 

Channa's initial abrasiveness and continuous use of exclamation points wear thin very quickly. Also, the pat resolution of one of the major plot devices came as a something of a disappointment, because after chapter three, the story sucks you in. You can't help but be fascinated by the way the Federation mediators work with their two very different envoys and the parallel paths those envoys take to reach the same conclusions. Plus, the resolution of the romance hits the spot quite nicely, even if it is a bit drawn out. 

Rating Envoy gave me pause. But ultimately, the book satisfied on so many counts, I couldn't help but overlook its flaws. 

Teri Dohmen

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Our Readers Respond

I thoroughly enjoyed Envoy, probably because, although undeniably science fiction, it didn't stick slavishly to some of the unwritten rules.  I was hooked from the first page, and found the societies of particular interest.  In this aspect it reminded me a little of Anne McCaffrey's best work, but it is certainly not derivative.  There were no slow spots, and though the book was long, I wouldn't have minded if some of the subplots and minor characters had been expanded upon.

I read Envoy in the paper-pub format and was very sorry to discover it was out of print.  Now it's available again as an e-pub, and I'm delighted. I think this is a book which deserves to survive.  A keeper.

Sally Odgers